Spirit of Ireland


Like the USA which has its legendary Route 66, synonymous with escape, freedom and discovery, Ireland also has its own. And this Irish stroll is named after

Irish Celtic, it’s the story of Paddy, this old alcoholic Irishman, who has owned his pub for several decades. He is about to bequeath it to his son Diarmuid, but the latter, lazy and carefree, prefers dancing to serving good “Guinness” or “the alcohol of life” (whiskey) to the customers of the Irish Celtic bar. But before becoming an owner, Diarmuid must learn the history and culture of his country.

For almost two hours, in the decor of his pub, Paddy, between two drinks, will tell him his story, that of the Emerald Isle and its legends, this story which made dance a principle, a lifestyle across generations, from 7 to 77 years old.

Illustrated by different paintings, each more authentic than the last, Paddy's stories, full of fun and anecdotes, will lead us on a fabulous journey, enriched by explosive tap dancing, magnificent music, precise choreography and costumes. which transport us from one era to another.

With talented dancers on stage and live musicians, selected among the best, Irish Celtic will share unique moments with you, discover legendary songs, Celtic traditions and the mysteries of their island.

Already more than 200,000 spectators across France and a great success in Europe. Today Irish Celtic are ready to conquer the world.

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The creatives

Nicolas FERRU




Toby Gough

Artistic director

Anthony DAVIS

Musical director

Artistic director

Toby Gough is the international award-winning director of the Cuban dance show “Lady Salsa” which was resident on London’s West End for two years and recently toured Switzerland and Germany. In 2012 his show “Brazil Brazil!” was performed in the New Victory Theatre on Broadway. He toured the US with “The Merchants of Bollywood” and has travelled around the world with the highly successful “The Bar at Buena Vista” featuring stars of “The Buena Vista Social Club”.


Jim Murrihy is a former original cast member of “Lord of the Dance” and “Feet of Flames” and has performed in Las Vegas and all over the world. He has almost 15 years’ experience in delivering unique cultural performances to audiences worldwide. His corporate entertainment company Damsha has produced high-end corporate shows in Ireland, France, Belgium, Norway, Dubai and the Emirates. As an expert in Irish Dance, Jim's extensive network of performers enables him to cast the top dancers from Ireland's leading commercial dance shows as well as draw on Ireland's undiscovered traditional dance community to form a diverse, professional and highly talented company.

He collaborated with the talented Denise Flynn for Irish Celtic.

Musical director

Anthony Davis has uniquely arranged and created both original, traditional songs, and the scores of the iconic film tracks for Irish Celtic.

Throughout his career he has played and composed for the “World Championships of Irish Dance” as well as for numerous other Irish dancing events and original choreographies. He has released numerous CD compilations and has become a much sought after musician in his field.